Build-a-Bathroom Days 2-3

The problem with bathroom renovations is that they require a lot of plumbing. And plumbing work is SLOW (especially when your beautiful new bathtub comes without built-in structures to support, shim and level the stupid thing). Even with this hiccup, things are still (thankfully) moving forward.

Because we weren’t able to plan our recessed medicine cabinet until the wall was open and we knew how much space we had to work with, that was our first order of business on Day 2. Once we had a plan, I measured and cut out the rough hole in the wall while Jeff built and then installed the cabinet. Before installation, he had to reroute the vent pipe (visible in through the hole in the wall below). By doing this, we were able to fit in a recessed cabinet measuring 15″x15″x42″.  It’s HUGE! That was a seriously happy surprise.

Once the cabinet was in, Jeff rerouted the vent pipe (with about 1/4 inch of clearance) and figured out the new drain pipe configuration.

Once that was all done, it was on to the biggest job-  figuring out how to support and level the tub… then building the structure to do this. Thankfully, Jeff’s dad came to help and they came up with a brilliant solution. This is probably a good time to say how unhappy we are with Venco (the Canadian tub manufacturer) and their inability to provide any built-in structure to do this in the first place.

By the end of the third day, we had a tub sitting in place, a layer of moisture barrier covering the insulation, and a cabinet in the wall. I’ll admit- as much frustration as that tub caused, I think it looks beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Build-a-Bathroom Days 2-3

  1. Yes- I forgot to mention that. The old one was 30 inches wide, and this one is 34 inches. It's not quite as big as it looks, but it's noticeably bigger. The sides are also completely straight- we'll sit in it for the first time tonight and I'll let you know how it is!

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