Build-a-Bathroom Day 6

After a few slow days of frustrating tub installation, the renovation pace picked up on Day 6 (which was actually last Thursday). Jeff started the day by installing all the tub/shower plumbing. By lunch he had run successful water tests and we were ready to push the tub in place for the final time (two things that both yielded dances of joy). In the afternoon, we filled the tub with water and attached it to the wall studs, then started putting up the Hardie Board gyproc. With the two of us measuring and drilling, we were done in plenty of time to sail off on the 5:20 PM ferry to Vancouver for a much needed weekend break.

Jeff and I are both back at work today- that means tiling and finishing work will be happening evenings and weekends. I’ll check back with our progress later in the week. 

3 thoughts on “Build-a-Bathroom Day 6

  1. I will share that these dances inevitably involve loud techno music and us bouncing around the kitchen. Quite memorable although probably best not shared on any blog!

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