Build-a-Bathroom Week 2

In my last bathroom progress report, we had put up the hardie board and taken a much needed break from the whole project. Jeff and I were both back at work last week so there was considerably less progress than during week one, when Jeff was on vacation. Nevertheless, Jeff and I were able to get the Redguard waterproofing membrane on the hardi board (which was like painting with smelly magenta mayonnaise)

and Jeff tidied up the opening for our recessed cabinet
He then spent the entire weekend tiling with his dad. We went with large tiles in this bathroom, thinking they would be easy to clean and look great for years to come. What we didn’t anticipate is how hard (and heavy) they would be to work with (to line up, to make look just right). Combined with a rented tile saw that chipped the edge it cut, it made for a slow and somewhat frustrating weekend. Thankfully, Jeff and his dad are both focused and very particular guys who patiently worked through all the challenges. I think they’ve done an absolutely amazing job.

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