Build-A-Bathroom Week 3

Work on the bathroom continues… I’ll admit that we were a little disheartened about our progress last week but things have picked up and we keep forging ahead, despite some ongoing challenges. Here’s where we’re at:

The tiling is ALMOST done. The wall opposite the shower head (on the left in the photo below) was supposed to be easy as I had designed the tile to go on without any cuts. Alas, it was far from easy as the wall was significantly bowed.
The top 6 tiles went on and off five times on Saturday, until Jeff decided to use his belt sander and un-bow the wall. That plan worked wonderfully until he hit a nail and sent sparks flying onto the two top tiles on the back wall. They are now permanently damaged so we had to special order two more replacements. This weekend, we’ll pop the damaged ones out and put new ones in and FINALLY be done tiling the shower. Next week, we should be able to grout and seal it. 
This week, Jeff pulled out the old vanity and started moving the plumbing and electrical for the new one. While the new vanity is going in the same location, the actual placement of the sink is different so everything has to move. The new mirror will cover up the entire width of the wall so the bathroom’s only electrical plug (which was in the middle of the wall) has been moved to the side wall. That plug has always driven me nuts and I was very happy to see it disappear!  
What’s next? Installing the new vanity, figuring out lighting, finishing the recessed cabinet, grouting and sealing the tile, and laying the floor. And we need to make a decision about the counter. It feels like we have a long way to go, but it’s also great to see how far we’ve come. 


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