Build-A-Bathroom Week 4

Yes, we (well, mostly Jeff) are still plugging away on the bathroom. Here’s our progress over the past week:

Jeff moved the sink plumbing and overhead light box.  Both tasks had some hiccups that slowed things down and required a bit of MacGuyver-ing on Jeff’s part. Thankfully, he’s a great MacGuyver.

We also took out the old parquet floor and scraped (and scraped, and scraped, and scraped) what appears to be very old black linoleum glue that was stuck to the subfloor. Jeff patched the drywall and it looks like we’ll be able to paint the walls and cabinet before the new vanity is installed on Thursday. 
Jeff also replaced the two damaged shower tiles. That means that the shower tiling is DONE! 

Jeff reminded me that I’ve not included a photo of the niches at the front of the shower- the back of them is in the same Rainfall textured tile as the stripe on the main wall. It looks beautiful and Jeff did an amazing job. Of course, it will all look different with white grout.

Jeff assures me that the mess is over- with paint going on the walls and grout going into the shower next, it feels like we are finally past the demolition stage and into the finishing stage. That, after four weeks, is a very, very, very, very happy place to be. 

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