More Choice

We painted the first two coats on the bathroom last night- new paint always makes a room feel so fresh and new. Jeff reminded me that once the shower is grouted and sealed, the shower rod can go up and we’ll need a curtain.

I forgot about the curtain. 
In the midst of choosing all the “big” stuff (and revising our plan several times along the way so that it was compatible with reality), some of the little stuff is not on my radar. I spent a few minutes tonight online looking at options and I’m not sure what to do. As shown in yesterday’s post, the room is very white. White walls, tile, counter and fixtures. The only colour comes from the wood vanity, a matching thin wood frame around the mirror, a grey floor (all shown below) and a new set of medium slate blue bath towels.

Do I stick with the modern, serene white vibe and go with a white curtain?

Embellished pom pom trim from Chez Larsson blog

Do I add a tiny bit of colour?

Premier Prints Towers Village Blue fabric from
A little more colour?
P Kaufman Chloe Sapphire fabric from
Duralee Dalesford Blue fabric from

Or do I add a LOT of colour?

I could really use some help. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “More Choice

  1. if you want to keep the true hotel look, these are great. Bed bath and beyond used to have them, I bought two for our house! Waffle weave on the bottom and a liner included. Has a very spa feel. I think the whimiscal artwork you posted a few days ago would go great in this bathroom! If you want more colour I actually like the woodlands print from pottery barn or the bird print. Just remember if you are hanging artwork, you'll have to work with your shower curtain now.

    are you doing a curved bar? They are great for more space in the shower area

    love the updates, can't wait to see it done!

  2. Thanks for your ideas!

    After posting this last night, I'm now wondering about doing a white curtain with a stripe of fabric on the bottom. Something like this but not pink:

    It feels like it might be a great way to inject a bit of pattern and personality without a print that takes over the bathroom. I love how serene it is and I don't want to loose that.

    Yes- we are going with a curved rod. It really does make such a difference.

    And yes- I keep coming back to the artwork I posted earlier this week! I love them and sometimes you just have to go with what you love.

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