Special Lullaby

One of my best friends lives far, far away. Today is her birthday. And I would like nothing more than to have coffee with her and chat… in person. We have plans to do that over video Skype next week, but it’s not the same as being in person. A few years ago, she recorded a wonderful Strauss piece with the Wellington Winds. She’s a fantastic soprano- those of you who were at my wedding will remember her singing. In honor of her birthday, I thought I’d share.

Happy Birthday SandyPants! I miss you tons and tons and tons.

Beim Schlafengehn (While going to sleep)

Now that the day has made me so tired, 
my dearest longings shall be accepted kindly by the starry night like a weary child. 
Hands, cease your activity; head, forget all of your thoughts; 
all my senses now will sink into slumber. 
And my soul, unobserved, will float about on untrammeled wings 
in the enchanted circle of the night, living a thousandfold more deeply.

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