Build-A-Bathroom Week 6

And we are at a standstill.

This time, it’s entirely my fault. Last night, Jeff was about to start laying floor tile when I stopped him. For a few weeks, I’ve had a nagging feeling that the tiles weren’t right… so we lay them out on the floor to see what it looked like.

I’m 95% it’s not the right tile.

Why? I think the colour variation in the tile is too loud (if that makes any sense at all). The single tiles look great but the collective floor is looking very busy. Too busy. I know it would look different with gray grout, but it still just doesn’t feel right. My poor husband (who has every right to be quite exasperated with me) was thankful that I voiced my doubts before any tile cement was mixed… and promptly invited me out on a “date” over our lunch breaks today to look for other options. Thankfully, our local tile shop has a great return policy and we can easily take these ones back.

 Jeff mischievously reminded me last night that this is not a room I can avoid if I don’t like it in the end! I’m probably being too picky but I feel like we’ve come too far to put in a floor I don’t really like.

The good news is that over the weekend, we FINALLY figured the sink. Our beautiful custom vanity is 5 inches narrower in depth than a standard vanity- that was the only way we could extend it wall to wall and accommodate our bathroom door. 90% of the bathroom sinks on the market would not fit… and it seemed that the remaining 10% would fit but have no room for a faucet.  I finally found an under mount sink that will work and it should be here this week. It’s not going to be a big sink but I think that will be just fine. With the sink chosen, we’ve been able to order the quartz counter as well.


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