Build-A-Bathroom Week 8

We continue to trudge forward toward the bathroom completion. Jeff wasn’t able to grout the floor until Saturday morning (there was not a single bag of grey grout to be found in Nanaimo so we had to special order it); it looks great but after 4 days, it’s still not dry. The good news is that watching the grout (not) dry has completely affirmed our decision to install in-floor heating. Jeff has just about finished all the electrical work needed to hook that up. Once the grout dries, we can seal the whole floor, put the toilet back in and install the baseboards (which are already painted and ready to go). 

While waiting for the grout to dry, we installed the shelves in the recessed cabinet and put up the shower curtain rod. 
Once the floor and baseboards are finished, we’ve got to fix the hot water issue in the tub and figure out a door for the recessed cabinet. With a deadline of November 12 coming closer (the day one of my best friends arrives for a week visit and we have to be out of the guest bathroom!), the pressure is on. 

3 thoughts on “Build-A-Bathroom Week 8

  1. Private bathroom… check.

    Feather duvet… check.

    It seems that this afternoon, I'm sorting M&Ms!!

    Thanks for the compliments. It feels like this project has been a long haul and it's great to receive some encouragement (and affirmation that we've not made a big mistake!).

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