Build-A-Bathroom Weeks 9-10

With my wee blogger break last week, I didn’t update week 9 of the bathroom renovation.  In truth, there wasn’t much change during week 10 (we were having too much fun out and about with our house guests) but with some major changes yesterday, we now see that the end is in sight! Here’s progress we’ve made since the last update.

Floor: The floor is completely finished, and baseboards are installed. It’s warm (even without the in-floor heating on yet) and has the most wonderful texture underfoot. Best of all, it’s not slippery at all when getting out of the shower. 
When Jeff removed the toilet to install the floor, he painted over the last bit of original green paint behind the tank

Shower: With a few tweaks to the shower valve (thanks to some great customer service from Kalia, the Canadian manufacturer of the shower fixture and faucet), Jeff fixed the hot water issue. It’s now HOT! We’ve been using the shower for two weeks and it’s wonderful- light, spacious and very functional. It’s also fantastically easy to clean.

Shower curtain stolen from the downstairs bathroom… I’ve looked all over Nanaimo and Victoria and can’t find one I like!

Accessories: We chose towel racks and the TP holder and Jeff hung them last weekend. In the overall scheme of things, this was pretty minor but made all the difference in making the bathroom feel so much more like a functional bathroom (and less like a building site). We went with a double towel rack and it’s working great for us.

Counter & Sink: The counter and sink were installed yesterday afternoon. While those two items caused us the most stress and frustration, we are absolutely thrilled with how they’ve turned out. 

Sparkly bits of chipped glass embedded in the Environite counter

So what’s left? Artwork. Door for the recessed cabinet. Tile back splash. Faucet. Mirror. Floor heating thermostat. Accessories. And a few things I’ve probably forgotten about. The list, however, is getting progressively shorter and the end is truly in sight. That feels fantastic. 

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