Build-A-Bathroom Week 11

It took 11 weeks but we finally have a working, 3-piece bathroom. After the counter and sink were installed last Tuesday, Jeff and I had a strict schedule of tiling, grouting, sealing and plumbing (extending pipes then installing the faucet and drain) to get everything working in time for the Apparent Project sale I hosted on Sunday afternoon but we did it! On Saturday night I brushed my teeth in the bathroom (instead of the kitchen sink) for the first time in almost three months and I can’t tell you how great it felt.

I haven’t been able to capture it well in a photograph yet, but the vanity tile ties in really nicely with the shower tile and pulls the whole room together

There are a few minor things left to do (recessed cupboard door, floor heating thermostat, kick plate on the vanity, hand towel bar, mirror etc.). We’re going to work on those items in December and when everything is done, come back to show the final reveal. Some of you have asked about a materials list- I’ll include that with the reveal as well.

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