When I was in kindergarden, my family rode the train from central BC to Saskatoon to spend Christmas with our extended family. Riding the train for 2 days was a big deal for a little kid, as was spending Christmas with gandparents and cousins – that’s probably why I still have many joy-filled memories of that trip. The moment that sticks out most in my mind is singing German carols in church on Christmas Eve, seated next to my maternal grandma. She patiently pointed out the words of each verse in the German hymn book, even though I could not yet read English, much less German. I remember two carols in particular- Nun ist sie Erschienen (The Sun has Arisen) which I included here on the blog last year, and O Du Fröhliche (O How Joyfully). O Du Fröhliche is still a nostalgic favourite for me; here it is sung by American baritone Thomas Hampson.

English translation (both literal and poetic) can be found here

2 thoughts on “Joyfully

  1. “The Son is Arisen” must have been a Dyck family favourite. Until a few years ago, the family got together in early December each year. Having a sing-song was one of the annual activities. This son was ALWAYS sung.

  2. Oh Sandra- I love that we Dyck cousins share memories of this carol! I've wondered if this is one of the carols that will fade into obscurity and I really don't want that to happen.

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