Back in the Bog

Our bathroom renovation stopped for Christmas and has remained so ever since. We finally mustered up enough motivation this weekend to get back to the renovation and tackle the recessed cabinet door. I had my heart set on an inset door (a door flush with the wall beside it) and Jeff searched for months to find hinges that would work (he wanted to attach the hinges to the plywood cabinet and not the gyproc wall). He finally found hinges that could be bent 90 degrees to the right shape and with that, cut the door and hung it up. There’s another coat of paint still to go but doesn’t it look great? It’s a solid wood door we recycled from Jeff’s parent’s old kitchen. I’m really excited about the latch- it’s a fingertip release and works like a charm. Half way through the renovation we debated ordering a door to match the vanity for this cabinet but in the end, I’m glad we kept it clean and white.

We also FINALLY found shower curtain hooks last night. Until now, we’ve been using a length of craft rope that to hold up the shower liner. We just need a shower curtain (we’ve been using just a liner) and a mirror, and we can call this room DONE!


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