Reveal Day

The day is here- the day we declare our bathroom officially finished. Forgive the slightly grainy, grey photos- we don’t have sunshine expected here for a few weeks (I really miss natural light). Our spirits, however are not as damp as the weather because this bathroom is DONE! Here is our masterpiece:

And YES! I finally found a shower curtain last weekend, at Home Depot of all places. I tried several all white curtains but with the white walls and white tile, a white curtain looked a little blah. Here are some more of the details:

It’s not the bathroom we thought we’d build (remember our inspiration photos back here? And our vanity disagreement here?!) but we’re thrilled with the end result. Our favourite elements? Jeff loves the stone floor and the new tub; I love the heated floor and all the additional storage. Somehow, we’ve made this room more functional- it just works much better. And it feels so much better, too. Jeff says it feels like a spa, and I think it feels much more spacious than it did before (amazing, since we didn’t change the square footage or size of the window). It was a bigger project than we thought but it’s been incredibly worthwhile.

I promised my dad I’d show before and after photos with the final reveal so here they are:

I will admit, there was a time when I thought the new tub would permanently live in our dining room.

Somehow, the tub challenges were overcome, and everything slowly got finished. Inside the wall, on the side of the recessed wall cabinet, I left a message for whoever renovates this space next. I think it applies to the whole project.

5 thoughts on “Reveal Day

  1. It looks fantastic! And I would say the shower curtain was worth the wait. Everything we saw at Bed, Bath and Beyond back in November pales in comparison. And I love that you left a message – great idea. Well done you two!

  2. Almost as nice as your amazing guest bathroom (but never as good as your hospitality!). Can't wait to see this materpiece in person. S&I

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