Puddles and Bathrooms

Thanks for your kind compliments on our bathroom. We love it too! Jeff found some photos he took just after he bought this house (before he took possession) in 2006. Check out the bathroom progression:

The Original: January 2006

After Facelifts in 2006 & 2008:
Jeff took down the towel bar, peeled off all the fish stickers (notice the dolphins above the shower), replaced the toilet, mirror and vanity light, and repainted when he moved in in 2006. In the months after I arrived, I repainted the vanity, replaced the door knobs, painted the black tile grout white and stripped & repainted the counter edge dark grey. Also during 2008, we replaced the sink and repainted the walls a second time. Jeff’s parent’s renovated their bathroom that same year and when they removed their old tub surround, I called dibs on their shower doors (which were exactly like our old ones but without those crazy fish!)

And Today (after the great renovation of 2012): This was nearly a total gut job. We kept the toilet (which Jeff had replaced just a few years ago), the window and the little bit of gyproc that was not sacrificed in moving lights and electrical; everything else was replaced.

Jeff has seen a lot of real estate in Nanaimo and categorizes bathrooms here into three tiers: Mud Puddles (absolutely awful), Water Puddles (not as awful but still far from wonderful), and Real Bathrooms. We don’t think our bathroom was ever as bad as a Mud Puddle… maybe just a sad Water Puddle. Nevertheless, Jeff has officially declared it a Real Bathroom so I think our project can be considered a roaring success. I’m just happy to have a drawer to put my hairbrush (and a few other things, too).


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