The Music of Living

I see the world and live life through music. The same is true for Jeff. Part of that is in the DNA of who we are, and part of that has been nurtured. We’re both very lucky to have grown up in families and church communities that nurtured this.
Yesterday, my piano teacher passed away. The legacy of nurtured music she leaves behind is immense and the many memories of her contributions to church and community music pouring in this week have been inspiring and wonderful to read. Music teachers usually teach their students notes… she taught me that talent is something God entrusts us with to share with humility. She taught me that listening makes us better not just in music, but in all areas of life. She helped me discover the great joy that is found in making music with others (far more joy, it turns out, than being a soloist!) and she taught me that approaching music (and all of life) needs to be with the whole self and the right attitude. I have been able to choose a life filled with music, in part, because of her teaching, and this has been a gift bigger and more meaningful than I can ever express.It’s usually most appropriate to play somber and quiet pieces of music for memorials. Today, I just can’t. The gift of music is something to celebrate and be immensely thankful for. So today, I remember someone who nurtured the gift of music for me by singing Dan Forrest’s celebration anthem, “The Music of Living”.

Giver of life
Creator of all that is lovely
Teach me to sing the words to your song. 
I want to feel the music of living
And not fear the sad songs
But from them make new songs
Composed of both laughter and tears.
Giver of life
Creator of all that is lovely
Teach me to dance through the sounds of your world. 
I want to move in rhythm with your plan
Help me to follow your leading
To risk even falling
To rise and keep trying
For you are leading the dance
Giver of life
Creator of all that is lovely
Teach me to sing the words to your song. 

3 thoughts on “The Music of Living

  1. Thanks, Sandra. This has made me think of your mom a lot this week. And, it's made me stop complaining about doing extra preparation to include singing in my age 3-4 Sunday School class. Sharing music with the next generation is important work, don't you think?!

  2. Absolutely! Many years ago I taught at a small rural school. I filled my car with interested students and went to Saskatoon for the symphony, ballet, and opera. We always went to a “fancy” restaurant beforehand, and everyone had to try a new food. We had a lot of good times. Incidentally, I recently went to the symphony with two of them again, and have gone to several concerts with one. One of the most touching things for me is when one of them sent me a postcard from the Hebrides with a note that she knew she had to go see it because at the first concert we went to she heard a work about it and it has remained her favorite symphony. We often don't realize the impact we have on others.

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