Suckers for Punishment

After completing our bathroom renovation earlier this year, I’m pretty sure I promised we were done renovating for a while. We must be suckers for punishment because we have two renovations planned for this year… the laundry room and (gasp) the kitchen. Going over to “the mainland” for our cousin’s wedding was the push we needed to start on the laundry room; on the way home we stopped at Ikea and filled Jeff’s parent’s truck with new cabinets.

I’ve not shared a lot of pictures of our laundry room here for reasons that will soon become obvious. If you remember, we replaced the basement stairs a year and a half ago. Jeff also built “The Enorma-Closet” 4 years ago (on the right side of the picture below) to address the crazy lack of closet space in our house. We call her “Norma” for short.

While these two things made made a HUGE difference, the laundry/utility room is still a little haphazard and we aren’t making use of the 9-foot ceiling for storage. There’s also a mess of plumbing behind the washer that drives me nuts. And notice how dark it is in the photo above?

That’s because of the ceiling. It’s old, dark, rough wood that sucks every ray of sunlight away. The lovely light fixtures (if you can call them that) weren’t really helping the issue, either.

So that’s where we started. Jeff moved the junction boxes so they were in line with each other and added a third junction box by the pantry. Voila! We had a little light!

After we painted the ceiling white, we had a LOT more light. We kept the ceiling open because the kitchen is directly above and our kitchen renovation is going to involve moving a lot of plumbing and electrical.

I wish more projects started with paint. We’re now quite motivated to keep this project moving along.


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