Laundry Progress

Our laundry room makeover continues moving forward, although slowed with us both at work during the day. Here’s what we’ve accomplished so far this week:

We repainted the pantry shelves. I still want to go back and fill the nail holes but the difference in these from their original rough dark state until now makes me happy. We’re going to give the shelves a coat of urethane tomorrow night for some added durability.

Jeff added tongue and groove pine paneling on the back entrance wall with the hanging cupboards.
We painted the paneling it the same colour as the wall (Benjamin Moore’s Wickham Grey), added chair rail trim and added the end pieces and trim to the cabinet.
We also installed the wardrobe cabinets in the laundry room. Jeff had to build a support platform for them because the Ikea feet raised the boxes 3/4 inch higher than the sewer pipe running right on top of them. We decided building a support platform was easier than moving the poop pipe.
Jeff said the other night that he’s already forgotten how the room used to look. It’s quite a transformation so far.

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