Ripple Effect

This blogging business perplexes me. I want to stay in touch with faraway friends and family but I’m wary about how much to share and live on-line. During my blogging hiatus this summer, I seriously questioned whether or not to continue. I decided to continue but made the move here to wordpress where I have more privacy options.

I was second guessing all of this when I talked to an old friend last week. We haven’t talked much in the past five years but I knew she read this blog. What I didn’t know is the very difficult turn her life took during this time. And I mean seriously difficult. Back in December 2011 during my first Christmas Music campaign, I posted Eric Whitacre’s Lux Arumque sung by a virtual choir. My friend saw this and somehow, it spoke to her. And it kept speaking to her. It spoke to her so much that during the most difficult and vulnerable point in her life, she went out, got a singing coach, rediscovered and reconnected with her own very beautiful voice, and videotaped herself singing the first soprano part for Eric Whitacre’s 4th virtual choir project. And her video got accepted. The joy that bubbled over in her voice while she told me this story reduced me to tears. I’m thrilled to have provided a little bit of hope without knowing I was doing so, especially during a time when it was needed. I think this just confirms that the power of our words and interaction with others is much greater and reaches much further than we ever realize. When I posted the post that got all this started, I was processing through my own loss of music in my life and had no idea that this personal therapy exercise would be meaningful for anyone else.

Here is Eric Whitacre’s Virtual Choir Project 4, which includes my friend’s voice, with the fittingly entitled piece, Fly to Paradise. I am SO proud of you L.


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