Finding a Fan

We are renovating our kitchen. The kind of renovating that involves moving walls, switching around windows and doors, moving plumbing and refinishing the floors on most of our main level. The cabinets are purchased and many of the big decisions are made. It’s now down to the smaller stuff.

The plan is for an all white kitchen- white cupboards, tile, and appliances. Our priorities for this kitchen are 1) a practical layout with lots of functional storage 2)  a really good quality gas stove 3) no stainless steel appliances.  What can I say… Jeff and I both think the stainless appliance craze is over-hyped nonsense and we prefer white.  The counters will be some sort of mottled grey slate-looking laminate and we chose  Ikea’s white Applad cupboards. Everything felt like it fell into place when we saw this kitchen designed by Sarah Richardson using “our” cupboards and (gasp) a white tower fume hood. No mistake- an all white kitchen is absolutely right for us and that white fan needed to be part of it.

Because the stove is a main priority and we needed to choose it before we could finalize the cabinet layout, we went shopping several months ago. My excitement turned to great disappointment when we realized that very, very, very few gas ranges with the features we want come in white.  When we found a dream professional line stove for less money than the basic white gas cook top and wall oven we thought we would have to settle for, it was a no brainer… even though it was stainless.

That leaves me with a problem… the plan for the much loved white exhaust fan is not going to work with a stainless stove, is it? The fridge and dishwasher will both be white and there will be white cabinets on both sides of the fan, as in the photo above. I think we have three options: First, is to go with the white fan (see photo below) as planned. Second, is to go with an unobtrusive glass and stainless fan like this one. Third… I have not figured out yet. That’s where I need help. The one thing I won’t do is go with a typical stainless fan like this. I can’t stand those things and I hear they are an absolute nightmare to clean.

What do you think? The white fan and stainless stove looks funny to me…


8 thoughts on “Finding a Fan

  1. Hmm. I don’t know if I care for the stainless with white. How about a pop of color there? Will you be having colored accessories? Maybe the same color. Or do they even come in colors?

    • Unfortunately, exhaust fans don’t come in different colours. This was actually the first white tower fan I had ever seen.

      Now if budget were no option I’d be going with THIS (swoon) or THIS (double swoon) or THIS (quadruple swoon) for a pop of colour!

  2. I’m thinking #2 as the alternate. But have you checked to see if the professional grade oven/stove stainless finish is as finicky as the stuff we see in stores (I agree, stainless looks nice until you touch it!). And the back splash idea might be an option. Love the flooring – is that photo shop or for real?

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