Now What?

Last week, I answered the question why we’re renovating our kitchen. So what are we doing? Here’s the plan:

View from the dining room:

The wall and french doors are coming out! They will be replaced by a peninsula with lower cupboards on both sides. While my design does not show it, the counter will extend over the stools to create a breakfast bar. The full size window on to the deck (on the left of the photo above) will turn into a door to access the deck.

View toward the dining room wall:

The difference once the wall and the island are gone will be pretty significant. The patio doors are also coming out and will be replaced with a big window (that’s where the sink will be). The dishwasher is moving from the middle of the kitchen to the right side of the sink.

View from the dining room entrance:

The whole work flow of the kitchen is moving from the center of the room where it is now to the perimeter. Instead of a separate wall oven and cook top, we will have a combined gas range approximately where the sink is now. There is also going to be an exhaust fan (the reality of which feels like a dream to me after living without one for almost 6 years).

View from the deck:

With the oven moving over to where the sink is now, this wall will become floor to ceiling pantries flanking the new fridge.

View from the Front Door: This is the view that changes the least. The upper cabinetry stays almost the same except for a corner cabinet (the corner now is completely inaccessible) and an additional upper cabinet on the left side of the window. With the island gone, there won’t be a bottle neck moving from the front door into the dining room/living room. And the garbage can won’t be the first thing you see when you come in. There’s going to be a full slide out cupboard for garbage and recycling beside the sink.


There are, of course, some compromises that have to be made. For the past 15 years I have had those blue toille curtains in my kitchen along with open shelves holding my collection of blue and white porcelain. Both of these are relocating (to the laundry room and guest room). I’m going to miss having a blue and white kitchen but I’m very excited about the decor possibilities that come with an all white kitchen. I also really hated cleaning the open shelves. I know open shelves are now very popular but having lived with them for a long time (and spent far too many hours of my life scrubbing off sticky, greasy dust), I’m happy to see them go. I also love the light fixture we hung above the island but obviously, it has to move (probably to the family room downstairs).

That’s our plan. We have moved into the basement kitchen and packed up all the things we don’t need for the next 6 or so months. I’ll do an update post next week about some more preparations that have been underway.

For now- what do you think?


7 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. It looks like a marvelous, well thought – out project. Are you doing the work yourselves? I’m glad you’ll be repurposing some of your favorite parts.

    • Because we’re taking out a load bearing wall, we are using a structural engineer and contractor for that piece. I think we’re also going to get the contractor to do the work on the exterior wall (changing the patio door into a window). We need to put in a secondary electrical panel (our current kitchen is very short on outlets and at present, you can’t run the microwave and blow dry your hair in the guest bath downstairs without blowing a fuse) so we’re hiring an electrician for that and a gas fitter to run the gas to the kitchen and hook up the new stove. The rest, we’re planning to do ourselves. Which means, I plan and act as general contractor, making sure all the materials are here at the right time and Jeff does 99% of the grunt work. Thankfully, we can camp out in our basement kitchen for as long as it takes.

    • I know. That part makes me sad, too. But, it’s time for a change. I’ll probably bring some pops of blue in when we’re done (towels and accessories) because it just wouldn’t be my kitchen unless there was a bit of blue!

  2. LOVE the open concept feel you’ll be bringing into the kitchen and dining room. Won’t you miss beging able to walk out onto the deck?

    • Yes… but we think the trade-off of having a kitchen plan that actually works is worth it. There will still be access to the deck (see the second photo) and while it might be slightly less convenient, we think we’ll get used to it. The door going in there will actually have a full-size window (instead of the half window you see in the model).

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