Updates and Updating

My mom is mad at me. Jeff and I were quite busy this long weekend repainting our guest room (me and my mum-in-law) and moving all the plumbing in our kitchen (Jeff and his dad). As a result, this blog was not updated (not even for Sunday Music). My mom was not pleased. So here you are, Mom- I have updated posts back to Sunday. Scroll down to enjoy!

I haven’t posted much about our kitchen renovation because things are still rather boring at this point. The plumbing has been relocated to the other side of the kitchen, all of the electrical in the wall that is coming down (light switch along with furnace and fireplace thermostats) has been moved, the remaining kitchen walls are all opened up and new electrical (lights and boxes for outlets) has started going in. Yesterday, Jeff also started putting up the tongue and groove on the ceiling.

While things feel slow right now, Jeff has been working every spare moment on these “behind the scenes” things and we are right on track for our contractor to come next week, take down the wall into the living room and replace the patio doors with a new window. I’ll post photos of that progress next week.


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