Last Minute Change

Our new stove arrived earlier than scheduled last week and she’s a beaut.

For those of you perplexed by this development, I will admit this is not the first stove we bought. If you recall this post, back in August we bought a different stove. Three weeks ago, we found out about some persistent problems with this stove. This was enough to launch some serious doubts for us so we cancelled it and went with what was always our first choice, the 30 inch NXR professional range (which, amazingly, was on sale at Costco for the same price). She’s not hooked up yet but there’s every indication she’s going to be quite a work horse. Our last oven was named ‘Inferno’ (for obvious reasons) and I’ve christened her Cobi for her beautiful cobalt blue oven interior.

She’s as simple as they come- four knobs for burners, a knob for the oven, switches for the oven light and convection fan, and a light for oven temperature notification. That’s it. She’s old school without a lot of bells and whistles and I can’t wait to get to know her more.


4 thoughts on “Last Minute Change

      • Thanks for the lovely, moving version of “Oh, Come…” today. songs I really enjoy at Christmas are “Angels We Have Heard…”, “Christmas Waltz”, “Winter Wonderland “, and many others. I don’t think I’ve met a Christmas song I didn’t like. 🙂 Last year I enjoyed the Bohemian Rhapsody piece. Somewhere last year I heard a combination of “minuet in G” and something else, but I can’t remember what it was! I appreciate all the work you put into doing this for my enjoyment. Thanks!

      • Yes… it’s all for your enjoyment! I actually love putting it together because it exposes me to all sorts of new Christmas music.

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