Still here…

Nearly a month has passed since my last post. It was not my intention to disappear but in the spirit of Surrender, something had to give. Thanks for all of your private messages to make sure we are OK. We really are OK! It has just been a busy, busy few weeks. A major part of this busy time involved finishing THIS:

I use the verb “finish” rather loosely here… there is still a lengthy list of what Jeff calls the “final finicky stuff” and I haven’t thought about accessories etc. yet (seeing this photo confirmed that our old and very uncomfortable stools are completely the wrong proportion for the new peninsula). Despite this, we moved back in on April 11; Jeff and I both find ourselves forgetting the old layout because the new space works better than we could have ever imagined. Over the past two weeks, we’ve hosted a 5 events, each with more than 10 people (our weekly small group dinner, a Seder meal, a bridal shower, a baby shower and Jeff’s extended family for Easter) – I think it’s safe to say that the kitchen has been well christened.

A number of you have asked about the Lesotho matching meeting- it has been postponed several times (for valid although complicated reasons). We don’t know when the next meeting is scheduled so we wait. We’ve become really OK with waiting. It’s sort of like the kitchen- the process feels very, very long but we know that the end result will be better than we imagine.

And, I’m going on a fun adventure in the meantime. I’ll tell you about it on Monday.


3 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. I’m glad you are okay. (Here I thought you were busy with children.)

    Your kitchen looks fabulous and I’m happy that you’ve been able to use it so easily.

    • Not quite! We’ll have at least 4 months in between the referral and going to pick them up so I promise- there won’t be any surprise trips.

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