Roses Blooming

Christmas Music 2016To many, Shaw Kirchner’s arrangement of “Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming” will be uncomfortable or even irreverent. I like it not only because it involves a gospel accompaniment (!) but because it brings this complex hymn into mainstream sing-ability, giving it a new lease on life. It’s one of the last Christmas carols I could ever imagine inducing spontaneous toe tapping and I love that this arrangement does just that.

As fun as the gospel take is, the original version remains exquisitely beautiful and should not be forgotten. Here it is, sung by the Monteverdi Choir.









2 thoughts on “Roses Blooming

  1. We are enjoying this choral advent immensely this year. The Kirchner arrangement is interesting although the Praetorious simply can not be improved upon!

  2. Only you could find a gospel version of Lo How a Rose that actually works! I’ve listened to it 5 times so far and it’s really growing on me. Can’t wait for what you post next!

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