Thread and Wood

Christmas for us and our extended families does not usually include gifts- something that took me a while to get used to but that I now greatly appreciate. With family descending for the first time for the holidays however, our niece and nephew in Ottawa took time out of university studies/coop work terms to craft some beautiful handmade things. I was the recipient of a wonderful hand embroidered fleece hat from my niece (a hat that has saved my bacon more than once this cold winter) and a hand lathed pen from my nephew made of tulip wood.

Life On Van Island Life On Van Island

By the end of our gift exchange, everyone had received a hand crafted ballpoint pen, fountain pen or mechanical pencil tailor made for them. Jeff’s pencil is the curvy one in mahogany third from the left below and my pen is on the right.

Life On Van Island

Life On Van Island How many 22 year olds do you know spend their spare time developing such skills?




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