Interesting View

Since my regular readership here includes several accomplished musicians (and folks who appreciate a new perspective), I can’t resist sharing this analysis of what a pianist sees when they are playing. Fascinating.

I can completely relate to the vertical and horizontal scanning to sight read- what about the rest of you?


3 thoughts on “Interesting View

  1. I always wondered about this and would watch others as they sight read. I think it also depends on the “predictability” factor of the music as far as sight reading. Playing is another issue – so much depends on muscle memory and topography of the keyboard.

    • Predictability is a major factor. I’m accompanying Japanese and Chinese pieces this term in choir and find the eastern harmonies keep me on my toes! And muscle memory is key. I realized last week my messy left hand in one piece was because I hadn’t taken the time to cement the part correctly (I had gone the ‘ I can fake this accompaniment’ route). I did that that over a few days and suddenly, the piece felt comfortable and I wasn’t looking down at my left hand every couple of notes.

  2. Very interesting. Predictability is a huge factor in sight reading. I feel like I look at the right hand notes and the left hand intervals.
    I found it interesting how quickly their eyes moved. As he said, you don’t get dizzy doing it, but you do watching it.

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