Birthday Tune

Here are four variations on a fitting theme for a member of my household who is celebrating a birthday today. Here’s wishing him a day that feels somwhere along the lines of variations #2, #3 (waltz) or #4 (tango)- anything instead of variation #1 (the dirge).


New Year, New Moon


Um…. from the warmth of my bed. Inside. Who ever thought winter camping was a good idea (spoken by someone who lives in the warmest place in Canada)?

Milestone Adventure

I am turning 40 later this year. Some people look forward to milestone birthdays but this was a dreaded event for me.  Back in January, Jeff had enough of my grumbling (perhaps, afraid it would last for the entirety of 2014) and challenged me to think about doing something that would turn this milestone into a wonderful memory. He’s a smart one, my husband.

It took about 30 seconds to figure out what I wanted this wonderful memory to be. And, it starts today. I am going to Germany in a few hours to spend three weeks with a longtime and very dear friend. I’m going to get to know her new home in the Bavarian countryside and her kids, one of whom I have never met. We’re going to eat good food, drink good wine, and just enjoy being together in the same space. There will likely be much chocolate and chatting involved, along with some music (this is the opera singer friend who sang at our wedding, for those of you who were there). And, visits to several places on my bucket list.

This trip is my 40th birthday present from my husband, who is staying home. It’s the best gift, ever. I had a few moments of guilt last week but Jeff has convinced me to dust them away and focus on having fun. So I will.

I will post little bits as I am able from the other side of the Atlantic.


Today there is a birthday in our household. Celebration plans include a stay-in dinner for two and some leftover cake from this amazing creation made by a talented member of our care group yesterday. And yes- It tastes as good as it looks.

Birthday boy with his very own minion

2014-02-12 005