So Much For Sandals

It seems the groundhog really did see his shadow earlier this month… winter has arrived with more on the way later this week.


New Year

Our December schedule slowed at the same moment snow arrived on Christmas Eve, setting the stage for several relaxed days with free schedules to sleep in and enjoy late, leisurely breakfasts.

Today, life returns to normal with returns to work and the packing up of this year’s Christmas decorations (only the gold, silver and bronze items were brought out this year). And so we begin another year. Hope you had a lovely holiday.

Home Again

After nearly two weeks away for a lovely Christmas and New Year with family and friends in Ontario, it’s back to ‘real life’ responsibilities at home.  If only we could do more of this…

Special Delivery

When we were married nine years ago, Jeff and I set aside the monetary gifts we received with plans to one day replace my digital piano with a real one. It took longer than we expected but this dream came to fruition this morning with the most exciting delivery we have ever signed for.





Last of this year’s tomatoes, picked while pulling out the plants to make room for planting garlic. This year’s tomato yield was abysmal but this handful of late bloomers made my day.