What’s Flowering

Spring is late for us this year, although it’s nothing I can complain about when I see large pockets of this continent still covered in snow (feeling for those of you in the east). While things are slow, there are a few blooms in our garden this week:

First of the yellow plum blossoms

Daffodils and forsythia



Early-blooming (usually by early February), nearly transparent azaleas and more daffodils

And my favourite spring bulbs, grape hyacinths


What We Did This Summer

It’s been a LONG while since I wrote a personal post, prompting some of you to send private messages asking if we’re OK. We’re just fine. Instead of blogging this summer, we tried out new swimming holes, had lots of barbeques with friends, and worked on taming our garden. The only photo evidence we have for this is for the latter of these activities, and it’s limited at best:


After our work this summer:

The pergola lattice is gone along with numerous vines, three trees, and three flower beds.  The single sunny spot at the back of the yard now has raised vegetable garden beds. While the beds did not get completed until well into July, we managed to grow two crops of beautiful (and supersized) lettuce, kale, basil and baby potatoes. We’re still harvesting carrots and beets.

The flower beds around the front entrance also went through major reductions and mulching in an attempt to take our yard from ‘perpetual overgrown jungle’ back to ‘manageable’.  We managed to complete about a third of what we wanted to do, leaving lots for next year.

And that’s what we did this summer.


We spent most of the weekend implementing a multi step plan to tame our garden. It’s a battle every year but this year we’re determined to win.



Oh, my poor magnolia blossoms. You are usually open and lovely at this time of year but instead, you are tightly cocooned, protecting yourself from MORE snow yesterday. When will this cold end?

So Much For Spring

Apparently, the groundhog was right about seeing his shadow (and there being six more weeks of winter). Here’s a shot outside our front door on Thursday:

Life On Van Island | 2017

And here’s what it looked like yesterday:

 Life On Van Island | 2017    Life On Van Island | 2017

Life On Van Island | 2017     Life On Van Island | 2017