Music For Change

Have you heard of Playing For Change?  It’s a nonprofit organization focused on building music and art schools and programs for children around the world, particularly in places where resources for such programs simply do not exist. They primarily raise funds through collaborative music videos like this one which illustrates the immense power of music to break down barriers, dissolve differences and bring people together. Inspiring.

Change for Good

graphic from Chic Type

My friend Samuel is 8 years old. He had a vision to change life for an entire village. And he DID, with the help of some friends. You can read his story here.

While the article says Samuel’s goal was to raise $6,500, it doesn’t mention that he surpassed his goal by more than $200. I talk a lot about music here on the blog but there’s nothing better than seeing a whole bunch of young singers and musicians joining their talents together for an afternoon in an effort to help others. It was one of the best afternoons I’ve been a part of in a long, long time.