Master And Friend

 Tim Shaw’s setting of, “O Jesus, I Have Promised” is a lovely new take on the 1869 hymn (with a great accompaniment!).


Heart Duo

 Two interesting pieces sung by the USC Chamber Singers, directed by Jo-Michael Scheibe. First is “Batter My Heart” by Richard Nance followed immediately by “The Heart’s Reflection” by Daniel Elder.


Good News

 Stacey V. Gibbs’ arrangement of the traditional spiritual, Ain’t A That Good News is a new one to my ear that puts a few twists on this familiar melody. It’s sung here by the fantastic Stellenbosch University Choir.

Priceless Sacrament

 A familiar choral piece today, Bruchner’s motet Locus iste; Os justi. The translation reads, “This place was made by God. A priceless sacrament; it is without reproach”. The choir is from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Mighty Fortress

 The few times I’ve been lucky enough to sing a piece under the direction of the composer, the experience has always made the piece come that much more alive. I suspect such is the case here for the Vancouver Youth Choir and Adam Con’s rhythmic arrangement of the German hymn, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”.