MondayThis summer, Jeff and I reconfigured the use of several spaces in our house. One of those spaces was my office. Well- our office. It seemed a little crazy for us each to have an office so we gave my old office a makeover and moved in together. We still have a few tweaks to make but for now, the new space is working well and I’m loving the palate- white walls, black desk surfaces, chrome legs and pops of colour from books and trinkets around the room. I’m now thinking about making one of the white walls the backdrop for a gallery wall. If only I had decent art to feature in such a gallery…


Butterfly Art

I’m not an art connoisseur. We have just a few pieces of original art in our house (and a few more mass-produced Ikea and Winners specials) and a few more original photographs. I suppose that’s because I like to change things up every season or two- move art around or put a new photograph in the frame. Swapping around original paintings just isn’t in the budget.

I also love creative and colourful art. You know- the kind of thing that turns this:
Photo courtesy of Little Green Notebook 
into this:
Photo courtesy of Young House Love
or this:
Photo courtesy of Kiki’s List
Thanks to the May 2012 issue of Country Living for this idea.

Art Blues

I love the artwork of California Architect Steve Gianetti- it’s soothing, has wonderful movement and is in shades of blue and green, my two favourite colours. As I sewed grey pillows last week to go with the grey bed skirt in our bedroom (photos coming soon), I found myself craving a hit of marine blue or aqua green that perhaps, a small painting could provide? If only the budget could provide as well…

Art collage by Steve Gianetti. Photo from Brooke Gianetti’s website


Yesterday, Jeff and I both were feeling frustrated and rather down about the bathroom renovation. We’re having trouble finding floor tile we like, and I’m feeling more and more that if we tile the floor, we need to heat it as well. In addition, we found out that the quartz counter we chose (the only quartz option we really liked) is not available until sometime early next year. We’re researching another, more affordable counter option that seems very promising (these recycled glass counters manufactured in Victoria) but can’t get our hands on the colour sample we’re most interested to see.

To break us out of our bathroom funk (and get me away from obsessively researching counter options on the internet), Jeff installed the bath fixtures and declared it was time for me to take the inaugural bubble bath in the new tub. He lit candles in the shower niches; the candlelight made the tile sparkle and hid all the other parts of the room that are still a mess. It was all looking spectacular until I got into the beautiful bubble bath… and froze. It seems our fancy new thermostatic valve isn’t calibrated quite right- instead of regulating the hot water to keep us from scalding ourselves, it’s holding the water temperature well below tepid.
I’ll admit- it took me a few minutes to see the humour in all of it. But as Jeff hauled in several buckets of hot water from the kitchen, it all became rather hilarious. By the time the water was warm enough to enjoy the bath, Jeff and I had fallen into complete fits of hysterics and I could only wonder how long it will take before someone has to come and cart one (or both) of us off to the funny farm.
Here’s hoping we retain our sanity to fight renovate another day.
Art courtesy of Lonely People Art. They have an awesome Spider Man cow as well.