Secret Garden

Wednesday Mossy, green, sunny with that unmistakable smell of autumn in the air.



Last Sunday, Jeff and I spent the afternoon in Duncan. After enjoying lunch with our nephew and checking out several furniture shops (in search of dining room chairs), we set out exploring. The Cowichan Valley (in which the town of Duncan is nestled) is Vancouver Island wine country and it didn’t take long in our exploring to come across several vineyards.

I have been to several vinyards in this area before but Jeff had not, and was curious. We stopped at Averill Creek for a tasting, and to pick up some of their award-winning (and delicious) Cowichan Blackberry Port for Christmas. As you can see, it’s a really lovely setting with a spectacular view.

Island Breeze

Remembrance Day dawned last Friday, clear and sunny. It was such a beautiful morning, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the maple tree beside our deck.

In the early afternoon, a quick storm blew through. Out of nowhere, winds gusted so hard that at one point, Jeff and I looked out our living room window to see a two story high whirling vortex of leaves fill our street, just like a blizzard. The storm passed in less than 40 minutes and the sun returned, but our maple tree looked pretty different.

I have been holding out, still wearing sandals (with bare feet) most of the time. I think this means I need to break out my socks (not worn since last March) and close-toed shoes. Ugh. 

Sharing the view

As I close out what has been a very busy week, here is a view out my kitchen window. Jeff and I are both in the midst of work/school projects that will take us through the weekend- here’s hoping yours will be a little more fun!


My wonderful in-laws came to help with some fall garden clean-up yesterday afternoon. While trimming several feet off our prolific butterfly bushes, my mum-in-law asked if I had noticed our crop of kiwis. Truthfully, I had noticed them several weeks ago… then promptly forgot. Because they grow under large leaves, these little beauties are easily forgotten. The whole concept of kiwis growing in my garden seems a little surreal. I have to actually pinch myself that I live in a climate warm enough to grow tropical fruit.

Kiwis ripen off the vine and there is a small window of optimum ripeness before they turn mealy and mushy. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them- stay tuned!