Merry Christmas

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Christmas 2013

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!


Wondrous Mystery

I hope that whatever you do today, you will have a moment of quiet to savour the wondrous mystery of this holiday. Morten Lauridsen’s “O Magnum Mysterium”, sung here by the University of Utah Singers and Chanticleer’s version of “Silent Night” are two of the pieces I will be listening to today.

Advent Count-Down

MondayIn the midst of a busy month (work, renovations, a much anticipated few days with a houseguest etc.), Advent started yesterday and took me completely by surprise. I love that advent calendars have come back into fashion. I think my favourite one is this one, which adds a puzzle piece of the nativity every day in December. Lovely, isn’t it?

Photo from Wooden Creations Etsy Shop

Happy New Year

As planned, Jeff and I had a lovely Christmas spent with family and friends. While some days were filled with visiting and activity, we also managed to find a few days of quiet for which we’ve been most thankful. I’ve been sick the past week and that has resulted in our traditional Christmas letter/slideshow morphing into a New Year greeting this year. We hope you enjoy this little glimpse into our lives in 2012 and we wish you hope, love, peace and joy in 2013.


This year it’s white, cream, green and gold. I chose not to put out most of my other decorations (things in the window, garland etc.) and that makes the tree the focus. The room feels less cluttered and more simple overall… and I think I like it this way.

Outdoor decor

Several of you have asked about what we did for outdoor Christmas decorations… it was pretty simple this year. The Christmas lights never made it up but I was able to collect enough pine and cedar boughs from my in-laws amazing yard to fill my outdoor planters and trim the door (and have a few fresh garlands inside). After everything we did inside in December (rebuilding the basement stairs, repainting the basement entrance and laundry room, moving out of my office and turning it into another guest room, repainting the living room, and decorating for Christmas), it seemed more than enough. 

Christmas Wrap Up

As I spent yesterday taking down the Christmas tree and decorations, I thought I’d share a photo recap of our Christmas.  

The other very important baby boy in our Christmas
Decked out and ready to celebrate
Opening presents
My only craft project this year- special soothers for Tobias (or for his dad….?!)

Bonding with my very alert and attentive nephew
Two nuts testing the flammability of veggie chips