New Baby

My brother and sister-in-law became the proud parents of a baby girl yesterday. Little Kajsa is healthy, strong and will be exploring the world and creating glorious havoc with her older brother in no time. We’re thankful for the gift of family and can’t wait to meet her next week. As for her parents… with two little ones under sixteen months old, we suspect they will be singing this tune for a while.



Our cousin-nephew Spencer made a short film for a competition within the local school board. This is what “success for all” means to him.

Cake and Candles

March 5 is a double day of birthdays in our family. In honor of this, here is Venezuelan improvisational pianist extraordinaire Gabriela Montero with  “Happy Birthday” (and yes- she’s making the whole thing up off the top of her head!).

More Bonding

As I mentioned yesterday, Jeff and I made a quick trip to “the mainland” for the weekend. It was great to have a change of scenery, take a break from the bathroom project, see some friends and do a bit of shopping. Since we last saw him in June, our nephew T has grown not only in physical stature, but in personality, curiosity, potential for mischief and overall sweetness. It was a great fun to spend some time together and get to know him a little more.

At the MCC Relief Sale (click on the arrow to start the video)

                                                                                       Video by T’s Mom J

Waiting in the car at Costco 

You’re right, Uncle Jeff. Looking forward is WAY more fun. 
Mastering the one-arm-on-the-wheel backing up technique

And just hanging out with Uncle Jeff at home

Photo by T’s Mom J

Tofino Part 2

The second morning we were in Tofino, we hiked down to Combers Beach and walked 2+ kilometers along the foggy beach at lowest tide up to Green Point. On the beach at Green Point, there is a rock formation that is accessible only during lowest tide- because these rocks are underwater most of the time, they are a great place to find all sorts of sea creatures. Jeff’s parents discovered this while camping at Green Point a few years back and made sure we got there during the narrow window of low tide when it is accessible. I think for all of us, it was one of the best parts of the trip.

Foggy morning at Green Point
Mussels and starfish exposed at low tide 


Tide line at low tide is still right up to the rock cropping

Green anemones, starfish and assorted arthropods and clams
Caves underneath the rocks

Walking back toward Combers Beach, still in the fog

Tofino Part 1

As I mentioned earlier, we had a wonderful family vacation last week in Tofino. Here’s some of what we saw: 

Wickininish Beach 

Forest hike to Schooner Cove

View of Claquot Sound from our breakfast table

Forest hike to Florencia Bay

And two sunsets (and beach campfires) at MacKenzie Beach. 

Newest family member

Last weekend, Jeff and I went to the mainland for a few days. It was the first time in over two years that we’ve driven across on the ferry, and we had a great weekend visiting relatives, including this guy:

Our newest nephew T was just 3 weeks old when we last saw him at Christmas. He’s now a busy, bright, happy, curious and very social little fellow who is even sweeter in person than in these photos… if such a thing is possible.