Letter for L

Today, our close circle of friends expanded by one member. Welcome, dear little L. We can’t wait to get to know you.


The Music of Living

I see the world and live life through music. The same is true for Jeff. Part of that is in the DNA of who we are, and part of that has been nurtured. We’re both very lucky to have grown up in families and church communities that nurtured this.
Yesterday, my piano teacher passed away. The legacy of nurtured music she leaves behind is immense and the many memories of her contributions to church and community music pouring in this week have been inspiring and wonderful to read. Music teachers usually teach their students notes… she taught me that talent is something God entrusts us with to share with humility. She taught me that listening makes us better not just in music, but in all areas of life. She helped me discover the great joy that is found in making music with others (far more joy, it turns out, than being a soloist!) and she taught me that approaching music (and all of life) needs to be with the whole self and the right attitude. I have been able to choose a life filled with music, in part, because of her teaching, and this has been a gift bigger and more meaningful than I can ever express.It’s usually most appropriate to play somber and quiet pieces of music for memorials. Today, I just can’t. The gift of music is something to celebrate and be immensely thankful for. So today, I remember someone who nurtured the gift of music for me by singing Dan Forrest’s celebration anthem, “The Music of Living”.

Giver of life
Creator of all that is lovely
Teach me to sing the words to your song. 
I want to feel the music of living
And not fear the sad songs
But from them make new songs
Composed of both laughter and tears.
Giver of life
Creator of all that is lovely
Teach me to dance through the sounds of your world. 
I want to move in rhythm with your plan
Help me to follow your leading
To risk even falling
To rise and keep trying
For you are leading the dance
Giver of life
Creator of all that is lovely
Teach me to sing the words to your song. 

More of the Tour

Here’s some more of the touring we did during my friend Pam’s visit.
Nanaimo Inner Harbour
Baby’s first game of Ticket To Ride. Notice her excellent card holding technique.
Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria
Sign at the end of the pier at Fisherman’s Wharf
Lighthouse at Trial Island
View from Clover Point Park

My alma mater, Royal Roads University

Walking along the Coburg Peninsula in front of RRU
View of the dockyards in Esquimalt (still on the Coberg Peninsula in front of RRU)
The very sweet face we grew to know and love
As you can imagine, our house has been very quiet since these two left. We’ve missed them a ton. 

Cathedral Grove

I mentioned that my very dear friend Pam came to visit for a week with her sweet baby A and  having her here was unimaginably wonderful. During her visit, we toured around to show her some of our favourite spots on this island. One of those places is Cathedral Grove.

Jeff recalls there being 400+ rings on that tree (which puts it on this island before Captain Cook arrived!)

Special Lullaby

One of my best friends lives far, far away. Today is her birthday. And I would like nothing more than to have coffee with her and chat… in person. We have plans to do that over video Skype next week, but it’s not the same as being in person. A few years ago, she recorded a wonderful Strauss piece with the Wellington Winds. She’s a fantastic soprano- those of you who were at my wedding will remember her singing. In honor of her birthday, I thought I’d share.

Happy Birthday SandyPants! I miss you tons and tons and tons.

Beim Schlafengehn (While going to sleep)

Now that the day has made me so tired, 
my dearest longings shall be accepted kindly by the starry night like a weary child. 
Hands, cease your activity; head, forget all of your thoughts; 
all my senses now will sink into slumber. 
And my soul, unobserved, will float about on untrammeled wings 
in the enchanted circle of the night, living a thousandfold more deeply.

Sick day date

I have had a bad cold for more than three weeks now. At the beginning of last week, I was feeling MUCH better… until Jeff got sick. We’re not sure if I was the culprit, or if he picked up a nasty virus making the rounds in his office.  Whatever hit him dealt a backwards blow to me, and life for us this weekend was a yucky cacophony of honking, sneezing, coughing and croaking. Today, we are both home on sick days and I have to say- between our bedraggled bedheads and droopy sweatshirts, we’re quite the pair.  When we went to bed last night (after our ritual lineup for the final dose of Buckleys before bed), we thought of family members braving -40 temperatures in Ottawa and were thankful that despite being sick, things could be much worse.

A soup fairy left us a container of soup on our front porch on Friday…. and it saved our weekend.  To this guardian angel we pass on our thanks and hope that someone did something as nice for you as you did for us.