Byron J. Smith’s “Worthy To Be Praised” is a staple on the repertoire lists of many high school and college choirs. This piece is great fun to sing, evidenced here by the University of Kentucky Cardinal Singers.


He Lives

   While I missed posting Easter music here, we did not miss it during the course of our Easter. One of our unexpected finds was this wonderfully expressive version of what has become a gospel classic- an Easter song we sing all year.

Faith and History

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States. If you saw our Christmas greeting, you’ll know that our household is set to become much more racially diverse. While I will save sharing about our adoption process for another day, it is interesting to notice that Jeff and I are tuned into the holiday tomorrow in a much deeper way than we have been before. What do we notice? Racial issues in North America are complicated… just as the American civil rights movement was. And still is. We also don’t know how to make sense of the difficult reality that the Christian church was involved in justifying slavery and protecting it’s practice (I’m feeling much love for those brave Quakers these days).

What I do know is that there is redemption and forgiveness. And healing. What I hope is that this awful past continues to lend way to a different future. I’m counting on that for my children.

Happy Day

Sunday   I have decided to continue with another year of Sunday music… exactly why, I’m not sure, except that I think there is lots more music to share (so please offer suggestions!). When I think of the songs I want in my heart this year, this is certainly one of them. Here is the original, sung by the Edwin Hawkins Singers in 1969.