Graduation postlude

Unexpected flowers to mark this event from two dear friends. I was so surprised- but they made our quiet week last week that much more enjoyable. Thanks M & S.


Graduation Part 2

The best part of graduation, for me, was getting to show my parents, parents-in-law and cousin around the Royal Roads campus where I lived for 6 weeks during on-campus terms. The star of campus is Hatley Castle, a medieval/Stuart castle house built in 1908 for a member of the wealthy Dunsmiur family (see a history here). It was eventually converted into a school, but the gardens have been kept pretty much as they were when the estate was a private residence. I had a direct view of the castle both years I was on campus and it’s a pretty neat thing to see first thing in the morning.



Graduation Part I

The ten days surrounding graduation were a bustle of activity, out-of-province company and little down time. As such, I took a wee blogging break last night- I think both Jeff and I needed a few days of quiet. I promised more photos from graduation, so here they are. Note: photos here are courtesy of my dad, cousin D, or the official (and shockingly overpriced) Royal Roads photographer.

Graduation is s actually a pretty boring event.  Your name is read, you walk across the stage to share Chancellor Calhoun’s hand, you get a scroll (with a congratulatory letter as diplomas had been sent out via mail the week before) and you go back to your seat. All while wearing an ugly polyester gown. That hat was even the exact same cardboard monstrosity that I had at my high school graduation (which finally hit the garbage last fall)… somehow, I thought a master’s degree would get warrant me a hat made of something more than cardboard! I guess it’s good to mark these accomplishments in life, but the ceremony really is a little absurd. 

The convocation ceremony is still online- just click here. You might also want to fast forward until my name is called at 1:41:13!  

proud Mama
proud cousin 
and very relieved spouse (still getting used to having his wife back)

Quick Recap

Last week was a social whirlwind but everything surrounding graduation went wonderfully. I have a bunch of photos to sort (and a bunch of “real” work to do today) so I’ll post more later this week. In the meantime, here I am with my #1 school supporter, minutes after walking across the stage.

I am happy to report that I did not trip and fall while walking across the stage… I did that 2 hours earlier over lunch. So under my gown is the biggest and yuckiest looking skinned knee I’ve had since childhood. Go figure. 

Big Day

Jeff and I are in Victoria today, along with my parents, parents-in-law and special cousin D to celebrate my graduation. I’ll post highlights of our visit next week but so far, we’ve had a great time (with clear blue skies and the most perfect ocean breeze). Last night, the students I’ve shared the past two years of my life with met up and it was so great to share and reflect on all we’ve been through together.

We’ll be here this afternoon- Hatley Castle and gardens on campus at RRU (photos taken last year).

School’s out

Yesterday, we received an email.

It was a very happy email.

Jeff passed his Professional Engineering exam (the one he wrote back on April 16, after 6 months of preparation and studying) with flying colours. So, in 2012, one of us gained an MA and the other, a PEng. That means we’re both done school. For good.

So how do we feel? Something like this: