By the Sea

We had company for four days last week- a very dear friend who carved out some time to piggyback a trip here to the Island onto a business trip to Vancouver. It was so great to have lots of time to catch up and do some sightseeing with her here. One afternoon, we walked around Neck Point here in Nanaimo and she kept telling me how spectacular my new home town is. She’s right. In the hustle and bustle of life, I need to take more time to do things that remind me of this.



I was tasked with the most interesting assignment- to make a movie for a Grade 2 class in Montreal about my home province. I’m not sure I’m very well in touch with the Grade 2 crowd but here’s what I came up with yesterday.

I had no idea the spirit bear was BC’s official mammal. I had no idea that provinces even had an official mammal! It seems I need to head back to Grade 2.

Kudos to my brilliant cousin Ms. H for coming up with such a creative approach to teaching about our country.


It’s A Bird, It’s A …

 This was actually our view LAST week. On Tuesday morning I very loud heard jet engines overhead and when I popped my head out on the front porch, I caught this photo (with no zoom). It was the Snowbirds practicing for their charity show here on the Nanaimo waterfront on Wednesday. Most of our city turned out to watch and it was great fun.


Jeff and I took an extended Sunday afternoon walk out in the sunshine this weekend in Bowen Park. It was lovely… until we caught a rather unpleasant whiff in the air. T’is the season for skunk cabbage.

They might look harmless but they stink. REALLY stink. We agreed that the recipe for this particular stink is 3 parts skunk spray and 2 parts sauerkraut. Not the kind of thing you want to hang around very long.

Big Delivery

A rather ominous delivery arrived in our city two weeks ago.

Marked “United States Air Force”, these missiles started a cyclone of rumours. The most prevalent rumour was that the missiles were headed north of Nanaimo to Nanoose Bay, site of the Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental and Test Ranges, where the Canadian and US navies collaboratively test fire torpedoes. Local forums and media were on fire with public outrage… until one observant fellow noticed that the rail line used for this train is only serviceable for a few kilometers.

It turned out those missiles were arriving to nuke Godzilla.

(The new Godzilla movie has been shooting here in Nanaimo for several weeks.)

More of the Tour

Here’s some more of the touring we did during my friend Pam’s visit.
Nanaimo Inner Harbour
Baby’s first game of Ticket To Ride. Notice her excellent card holding technique.
Fisherman’s Wharf in Victoria
Sign at the end of the pier at Fisherman’s Wharf
Lighthouse at Trial Island
View from Clover Point Park

My alma mater, Royal Roads University

Walking along the Coburg Peninsula in front of RRU
View of the dockyards in Esquimalt (still on the Coberg Peninsula in front of RRU)
The very sweet face we grew to know and love
As you can imagine, our house has been very quiet since these two left. We’ve missed them a ton.