Big Delivery

A rather ominous delivery arrived in our city two weeks ago.

Marked “United States Air Force”, these missiles started a cyclone of rumours. The most prevalent rumour was that the missiles were headed north of Nanaimo to Nanoose Bay, site of the Canadian Forces Maritime Experimental and Test Ranges, where the Canadian and US navies collaboratively test fire torpedoes. Local forums and media were on fire with public outrage… until one observant fellow noticed that the rail line used for this train is only serviceable for a few kilometers.

It turned out those missiles were arriving to nuke Godzilla.

(The new Godzilla movie has been shooting here in Nanaimo for several weeks.)



Yesterday, Jeff and I both were feeling frustrated and rather down about the bathroom renovation. We’re having trouble finding floor tile we like, and I’m feeling more and more that if we tile the floor, we need to heat it as well. In addition, we found out that the quartz counter we chose (the only quartz option we really liked) is not available until sometime early next year. We’re researching another, more affordable counter option that seems very promising (these recycled glass counters manufactured in Victoria) but can’t get our hands on the colour sample we’re most interested to see.

To break us out of our bathroom funk (and get me away from obsessively researching counter options on the internet), Jeff installed the bath fixtures and declared it was time for me to take the inaugural bubble bath in the new tub. He lit candles in the shower niches; the candlelight made the tile sparkle and hid all the other parts of the room that are still a mess. It was all looking spectacular until I got into the beautiful bubble bath… and froze. It seems our fancy new thermostatic valve isn’t calibrated quite right- instead of regulating the hot water to keep us from scalding ourselves, it’s holding the water temperature well below tepid.
I’ll admit- it took me a few minutes to see the humour in all of it. But as Jeff hauled in several buckets of hot water from the kitchen, it all became rather hilarious. By the time the water was warm enough to enjoy the bath, Jeff and I had fallen into complete fits of hysterics and I could only wonder how long it will take before someone has to come and cart one (or both) of us off to the funny farm.
Here’s hoping we retain our sanity to fight renovate another day.
Art courtesy of Lonely People Art. They have an awesome Spider Man cow as well.

Back to work

A few people have been wondering what I’m doing, now that school is finished. I was planning to take the summer off… but an amazing project in my former field dropped into my lap. It’s turning out to be not just a fantastic opportunity for me, but for my community… and since community development is what gets my mojo running, I just couldn’t pass it up. I’m starting with a research project (in the area of employment and adult education), which led me to stumble across this:


We’re back from Tofino after a wonderful week away. We caught the Opening Ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics on Friday at the end of our vacation… if you haven’t already seen this brilliant James Bond segment, we highly, highly, highly recommend it.
Buckingham Palace released a statement over the weekend confirming that the footman was not an actor, that the corgis were indeed, Royal ones (Monty, Willow and Holly), and that the Queen had been “delighted” to be involved. Her only stipulation in filming was that she be allowed to choose what she wore (not a bad idea, based on some of the outfits of previous Bond girls). Danny Boyle, who directed the opening ceremonies, also confirmed that the Queen lived up to her nickname of “One-Take Windsor” and said that both Daniel Craig and the corgis needed several takes to get their parts right. All I can say is that this settles it: QEII is utterly awesome. Full stop.(our other favourite parts of the opening ceremonies were the lighting of the cauldron and this performance by the London Symphony and “special” guest)