Unclouded Day

   A spiritual fitting for today after several days of grey, rainy, chilly weather.


Rock’a My Soul

Sunday  Jeff and I had dinner with new friends this week, two incredibly talented people who have a long history of involvement in church leadership and music. As we were chatting about sacred music, one of these people commented that almost nothing is better than a spiritual sung well. It’s no surprise that I agree. I also love that a Jewish choir can rock a spiritual as well as the Jerusalem Academy Chamber Choir does. The language of music truly transcends cultural boundaries in our world.

Carry Me Home

   Entrevoces is a Chamber Choir from Havana, Cuba. Two years ago, they were one of the prize winners at the prestigious Marktoberdorf  International Chamber Choir Competition in Germany. The piece that awed me the most was their version of the African American spiritual, Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. They have somehow managed to give it a little hybrid Cuban-jazz flair that just works. There’s also something poignant about a Cuban choir singing about deliverance.