In light of the winter most of Canada experienced this year, I couldn’t bring myself to post photos of our spring. I took these photos of our camellias and plum blossoms back on March 31.

The tulips are just about finished and the lilacs are coming into full bloom. Such is life here in the Canadian tropics.



My View

I’m in the midst of several simultaneous and complicated work projects that have required much time and energy in the past few weeks. This week has been especially tiring and a little stressful… so it’s good there’s lots of inspiration just outside my window.

Terrible Child

When I talked to my mom yesterday, she said that nights in central Saskatchewan are still around -10 C and there is at least a foot of snow covering their entire front lawn (no green to be seen yet). Because I am a terrible child, I’m going to show my sympathy with this photo. It’s the lilacs in our garden. They’re blooming.

I really like Saskatchewan but today I’m preferring BC.