Around here…

Yesterday, I took a photo on our front step. I was planning to post a cheeky comment today about how our annual snowfall arrived this week.

But this morning I awoke to this.

I know- it’s really not that bad. It’s just a bit unusual for us islanders. A part of me wants to wrap up these magnolia blooms and keep them warm until spring.


Annual snow

We usually get snow for about 48 hours here on the Island- that is, a TOTAL of 48 hours each winter. It seems our annual snowfall arrived this weekend…. and here’s hoping that’s it for winter this year!

Snow day

We woke up to another dump of fresh snowfall this morning. By the time I got my camera out, sunny skies were quickly turning things into a big slushy mess.

No matter. The hundreds of birds in our yard (maybe waiting for the bird bath to thaw?) seemed happy to bask in the sunshine.

Cold snap

For all out there who don’t believe it can be cold here on the We(s)t Coast, here is Jeff standing in the middle of our birdbath this afternoon.  
A few days of unusually sub-zero temperatures have brought blue skies, clear views and a break from rain. It’s still warm enough in the sunny spots that we haven’t had to break out our winter coats. Bliss!


Most of the week before Christmas, it poured rain here. Poured, and poured, and poured. For days. I have a hard time seeing pouring rain as festive, even though the cloudy and wet skies made an easy excuse to say indoors and partake of more holiday treats.

Delo’s amazing Snowflake Cake

Eventually, we had to face reality that our front walk and parking area had become a landscape of mini-lakes. When the sun FINALLY came out two days ago (along with unusual sub-zero temperatures here that I won’t complain about), we were ready for action. In the space of a few hours, a load of gravel, a load of bark mulch and two energetic rakers yielded some happy results.

December 2008 Winter comes to Nanaimo

As you can see from the views out our front porch and back deck, winter really does visit Vancouver Island.

The weather has been a great excuse to stay inside and work on the quilt I am making as a wedding gift for one of my dear friends. I was not able to find a pattern that suited this modern and stylish couple so came up with something on my own. Once I get all the blocks sewn together and off my family room floor, I think it will be just right.